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Buying A-2 Flight Jackets

United States Army Air Force Type A-2 Jacket

The most popular type of collectible leather jackets issued by the US Government was the type A-2 jacket. These were issued to servicemen before and during World War 2, specifically from 1931 to 1943. Today this type of jacket is the one we are most interested in buying! Below we have provided some details about the Type A-2 jacket and how to tell authentic examples from newer reproductions. If you have a real A-2 or you are just not sure, please don’t hesitate to call or text 316-371-1828 or email

Air Force U.S. Army Type A-2 Leather Jacket Tag
A-2 Leather Flight Jacket Tag
Example Of An A-2 WW2 Flight Jacket Label
United States Army Air Force Type A-2 Jacket


Typical Type A-2 makers label. At the top all labels will say TYPE A-2. The tag will also have the drawing number, contract or order number, the name of the maker and at the bottom Air Forces U.S. Army. Under the tag will also be a size tag ranging from 30 to 50 typically.

Here is another Type A-2 tag found on many examples. These jackets were made by a manufacturer that did not put their name on the tag. Usually the size tag will still be found below the main tag.

The third type of A-2 tag was made by the J.A. Dubow Mfg Company. These Type A-2 jacket tags were all one piece with the jacket size contained within the same label.

Example Of An AAF Type A2 Leather Flight Jacket

A-2 Jacket Leather

The A-2 was made of materials such as horsehide, cowhide and goatskin. It depended on the maker and materials available on which was used. When the AAF issued these jackets they had no patches, rank, name or art work on them. This was all added by the owner.

The Type A-2 flight jacket was made by 18 different makers from 1931 to 1943. While there were small differences in the way the different companies made the A-2, it always had to follow a strict set of guidelines. While not all of the companies that made the A-2 put their name on the label, the ones that did were; Rough Wear Clothing; Security Aviation Togs, J.A. Dubow Mfg Co, Monarch Mfg Co, Fried Ostermann; Perry Sportswear Inc, Weber Leather Coat Co, Aero Leather Clothing Co, Star Sportswear Mfg Co, Cable Raincoat Co, S.H. Knoph Mfg, HLB Corp, Bronco Mfg Co, I. Spiewak & Sons, David D. Doniger & Co, Cooper Sportswear Mfg Co, United Sheeplined Clothing Mfg Co and Poughkeepsie Leather Coat Co.


Sometimes the ID label will be missing from an A-2, making it very difficult to determine who made it and the jackets size. While this detail seems trivial it does affect the value of the jacket greatly in a negative way. There are times when the tags are very hard to read as well.


If you are not sure your A-2 is new or old or would just like to receive an offer, please contact Nation’s Attic. We can be reached at 316-371-1828 via phone or text or email us at

Flight Jacket Patches

A2 Flight Jacket Patch

Jacket Nose Art

Type A-2 Leather Flight Jacket With Nose Art

Cloth Or Leather Blood Chit

WW2 Type A-2 Flight Jacket With Example Of Cloth Or Leather Blood Chit

In some cases servicemen would sew a cloth or leather blood chit to the inside or outside of their jackets. These were used in the Pacific theater of war. Typically they would have the Chinese flag and writing on them. Their purpose was to tell locals the pilot needed help getting back to base and in some cases a reward would be paid for their safe return!

Some jackets will have art work or nose art painted on the front or back of the jacket. Depending on the artist, the quality of the painting can vary greatly. In many cases nose art is desirable on a jacket, as long as it was applied to the jacket during WW2. 

In many cases members of a bomber crew or individual fighter pilot would put patches on their jackets. These patches would show what group or squadron they belonged too. Sometimes they would be personalized to a specific aircraft.

If you have an A-2 flight jacket you are thinking about selling, contact us today!  We represent some of the worlds largest collectors of A-2 bomber and fighter pilot jackets. We are not only interested in the jackets but also in related items. We also want to do everything to not only preserve the jacket but also the history of the veteran who used the jacket. We can assure you the history and jacket itself will be preserved for future generations properly and with respect. Text or Email Your Photos Today! 316-371-1828 or

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