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Nation's Attic Inc.

Man Wearing His WW2 Flight Jacket

Where is the Nation’s Attic Inc. located?

Nation’s Attic Inc. is located in Wichita, Kansas, right in the middle of the United States of America.


History of the Nation’s Attic Inc.

Nation’s Attic Inc. has been in business since 2005 and is a corporation in the state of Kansas. After finding a leather A-2 jacket from World War 2 in an estate sale back in 1999, the owner Don Creekmore, was hooked on their history and fascinated by the art work and patches on some of the flight jackets. Through out the years more and more flight jackets were found and sold to long time customers around the world. Today Nation’s Attic Inc. specializes in Army Air Force jackets from the World War 2 period. Specifically the type A-2 and type B-3 flight jackets are what we get the most of from this period. In addition to dealing with vintage leather jackets, Nation’s Attic Inc. also has two other specialties, antique slot machines and antique diving helmets. Our antique slot machine business can be found at and the diving helmet business can be located at . We also deal in vintage gas station advertising, antique magic posters and original pulp illustration art.



Nation’s Attic Inc. not only buys and sells vintage government issued leather jackets, but we also offer appraisals and we can authenticate the jacket for you.  Appraisals that are issued can be utilized for insurance purposes or to determine the true market value. In either case, we can provide this information in a formal report for $45.


If there is a specific type of A-2 or B-3 flight jacket that you desire, please let us know! We do maintain a list of customer requests and can notify you when something becomes available. Sometimes a search for a specific jacket from a bomb or fighter group can take years to find. If it’s just a specific size of jacket you are needing, we may be able to locate something in a matter of days for you! Just email us at to be added to our list.

Type A2 Flight Jacket 13th Air Force Long Ranger

A-2 Flight Jacket 13th Air Force - Long Ranger

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