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Buying G-1 Bomber Jackets

United States Navy Type G-1 Coat

The Type G-1 bomber jacket or coat was issued to US Navy and Marine pilots from World War 2 to present time. Since the 1940’s the G-1 has had the same style and materials used. If you have one regardless of condition call or text us at 316-371-1828 or email

G-1 Flight Jacket

The Navy during the 1940’s issued a jacket called the Type M-442A. This jacket is virtually the very same as the later re-named G-1.  When the Navy issued these jackets they had no patches, rank, names or art work on them. It’s not uncommon to find G-1 jackets with patches on them like the example to the left. A leather name patch with rank is also commonly found.

G1 Flight Jacket Tag
Image Of A G-1 Leather Jacket

If you have a G-1 flight jacket you are thinking about selling, contact us today! 

We represent some of the worlds largest collectors of G-1 bomber and fighter pilot jackets. We are not only interested in the jackets but also in related items. We also want to do everyting to not only preserve the jacket but also the history of the veteran who used the jacket. We can assure you the history and jacket itself will be preserved for future generations properly and with respect. Text or Email Your Photos Today

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