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WW2 German & British Flight Jackets

​British Irvin Flight Jacket / Coat

We are always interested in buying British Irvin jackets. We are also always buying related gear and equipment that British pilots would have used during World War 2.  


If you have one regardless of condition call or text us at 316-371-1828 or email

British Irving Jacket

From the mid 1930’s and throughout World War 2 British pilots had one choice of leather jacket, the Irving. The Royal Air Force had these made by a number of different makers. Examples from before 1941 were made with one piece of leather rather than multiple pieces stitched together.

German Luftwaffe Pilots Jackets Unlike other countries during World War 2, the Germany government did not have a specific type or contract for a pilots jacket. While they did have general guidelines for jackets, there was not one style issued. There were however a number of makers offering jackets that did fit the general requirements, which was a short jacket in either brown or black leather. While confirming if a jacket was used by a military pilot is sometimes difficult, these are still jackets we purchase.

Royal Air Force Irving Jacket From WW2
WWII German Luftwaffe Leather Pilot Jacket
German Luftwaffe Pilots Jacket

If you have a flight jacket you are thinking about selling, contact us today! 

We represent some of the worlds largest collectors of bomber and fighter pilot jackets. We are not only interested in the jackets but also in related items. We also want to do everything to not only preserve the jacket but also the history of the veteran who used the jacket. We can assure you the history and jacket itself will be preserved for future generations properly and with respect. Text or Email Your Photos Today!

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