World War Two Dress Uniform
WW2 Service Medals, Photos And Flight Jacket
Japanese Samuari Sword
Colt Pistol
German Lugar Pistol
Army Air Force 1911 Pistol With Leather Holster

Buying WW2 Flight Gear & Equipment

Flying Gear, Patches, Medals, Weapons

In many cases air crew members would keep mementos, medals, patches, photos, weapons and other items associated with their time in the service. We are always interested in buying these items.    If you have any of these items call or text us at 316-371-1828 or email

Uniforms & Flight Gear

Pilots & crew carried quite a bit of equipment with them on the aircraft. We are always interested in buying items such as parachutes, boots, patches, sun glasses, pistols, survival gear, helmets, masks, gloves, maps, briefcase, etc.


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Dress Uniforms

In addition to the leather jackets and flight gear, all crew members had their dress uniforms in various styles. Items such as books, photos, patches and other extra items were kept. In most cases these items are nice to keep with a leather jacket, but don’t have quite the value either. Regardless, it’s always a good idea to text or email us photos so we can let you know!


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Weapons, Swords, German Or Japanese Guns

Of particular interest to us are personal weapons used during World War 2. Some air crews would carry a weapon, typically the standard 45 caliber 1911 A1 pistol. Other pistols such as a Colt .38 revolver would also be used. In many cases pistols, rifles and swords were brought back from the war and are not even of US origin. Figuring out there age, value, condition and where the item was manufactured can be difficult, but we can help. Good photos emailed or texted to us are very important.


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If you have an old military pistol, sword or rifle contact us today! 

We represent some of the worlds largest collectors of these type of weapons. Items such as US .45 and .38 pistols, German Lugers, Japanese Swords are just examples of what we are interested in buying. Text or Email Your Photos Today!